Strike of the Death Anvil

by Oulu Space Jam Collective

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1. Single tap
2. First oasis (a legend)
3. At Hutuklah

Parchments describe the ancient revelation: The Universe emerged from a single strike of the Death Anvil (a double tap would be beyond comprehension). It was possible to harvest the gradient of the Death Anvil field for acceleration of spacecraft. This practice prunes harshly the ensemble of realities. In the remaining realities, space remains a desolate place and technology is locked mostly into the equivalent of Earth's 1980s-1990s. Ivan Drago fan colonies have no urgent need for space travel.

Studio live album. Mixed from two jams recorded in Huttukylä habitat in 2016 and 2017.


released January 25, 2017




Oulu Space Jam Collective Oulu, Finland

Oulu Space Jam Collective is channeling cosmic flows of the universe through their chosen instruments. Jams happen when galaxies collide.

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