Man​-​Ape, the Singular Adventure of

by Oulu Space Jam Collective

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Live album.

Chapter 1
Intro: A short interview with a mad vet on an outpost moon
Part I: Radio consultation with a Baxoolian wildlife expert elicits disbelief and apprehension
Part II: Godspeed, Nautilus
Part III: Alert scream technique karaoke emanating from Commander's suite
Part IV: Orbitan space (logbook entry: new species)
Part V: Descent (consultants advise to take it slow)
Part VI: Semi-solid landing
Part VII: Educating crewmen about the danger of urine thievery

Chapter 2
Part VIII: The plea of Man-Ape, the king of apemen
Part IX: So long suckers (take care of my children)
Part X: Adjusting to ship life and role-play in an all-male environment
Part XI: True orgasmatic pulsations in harmony capsule ("Don't turn it above 5")
Part XII: Fresh out of Baxool, first stop: Pleasure Planet 10
Part XIII: "Don't fixate on the redheaded hulahoop nymph, apeman. She will never be yours!" (at the space music discoteque)
Part XIV: Man-Ape's new territory: space
Part XV: Hangover of the Man-Ape type (Commander and Space Cadet send their regards and wish a pleasant extended stay on PP10)
Bonus: Expert blowjob. Insert money in hole, then penis.

Channeled in Oulu Arts Night 2015, August 21.


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Oulu Space Jam Collective Oulu, Finland

Oulu Space Jam Collective is channeling cosmic flows of the universe through their chosen instruments. Jams happen when galaxies collide.

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