Intergalactic Spy Music

by Oulu Space Jam Collective

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Studio live.

Intergalactic spy music (Parts I–III)
Part I: Stellar subterfuge
Part II: At the foot of the martian pyramids
Part III: Impromptu fix for precursor propulsion

Intergalactic spy music (Parts IV and V)
Part IV: Music for hyperspace
Part V: Fortnight at cocktail lounge "The Four Winds Bar"

Intergalactic spy music (Parts VIII–XIV)
Part VIII: Malfunction
Part IX: Adrift in the vacuum
Part X: Pummeled by micro-meteorites
Part XI: Mostly harmless
Part XII: Re-inspecting strange Baxoolian cargo elements
Part XIII: A crash-course in astro-archaeology
Part XIV: Can't afford a safety factor

This is our second jam, Channeled at rehearsal vortex, 9-10 May 2014


released September 1, 2014




Oulu Space Jam Collective Oulu, Finland

Oulu Space Jam Collective is channeling cosmic flows of the universe through their chosen instruments. Jams happen when galaxies collide.

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