Geyser Squirting Alien on Enceladus

by Oulu Space Jam Collective

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Live album.

I. Haphazard predictions of ternary star tidal forces for subsurface scuba diving

II. Inoculation of amino world

III. Circumventing the Arcturian yeast import ban

IV. Geyser squirting alien on Enceladus

V. Do you have minerals to offload?

VI. Navigating the sea of loopholes in Ijiraqian bureaucratic regulations on the import of dangerous alien specimens

VII. Clandestine meeting with the hideously warty martian

VIII. God damn bootleg heatshield wipers

IX. Revolt at the moist end of shit shoveling deck

X. Restaurant at the edge of penal valley

Channeled at Alppimaja, Oulu, 25 October 2014.


released October 29, 2014




Oulu Space Jam Collective Oulu, Finland

Oulu Space Jam Collective is channeling cosmic flows of the universe through their chosen instruments. Jams happen when galaxies collide.

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